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Welcome to DJA

The Knowledge Leader in Information Governance

Our Consultancy & Learning Director

Our Consultancy and Learning Director is Dr Dilys Jones BM, FRCPsych, DRCOG, NHS JCPTGP Cert, Cert Coaching, MBA, MIoD

Our consultants and trainers are medically qualified, legally qualified and/or qualified in information governance and management.  We work extensively in the public sector, voluntary sector and the private sector and particularly in health and social care.

We provide consultancy, training and learning products for:

  • The whole Information Governance spectrum including - Freedom of Information, Data Protection & Confidentiality, Environmental Information Regulations, Information Security, Senior Information Risk Owners, Caldicott Guardians, Privacy Impact Assessments, Information Asset Owners & Administrators, Data Flow Mapping, Records Management & Data Quality
  • Consultancy
  • Training - bespoke, open courses, e-learning, accredited learning........

Let us help piece together your information governance obligations.....

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